May 2019

AHH ROMA, the “Eternal City”, a destination I believe captivates each and every individual who steps foot on its early cobble-stoned roads. I studied abroad here throughout my junior year of school, and it’ll forever be among my favorite areas in the world! I am here to help you organize your own trip with some items to do, places and traveling tips, while I really do believe you need to try to spend over 1 weekend in Rome.

There is just no place like Rome, as researching a museum and walking around town is the exact same. There is a church, an island, or a statue which has been constructed centuries past.


First things first, you want to make a decision as to which sort of weekend that you need! Would you wish to spend crossing every nook of Rome, and walking as far as you possibly can? Or would you like to concentrate more on food or get to understand an area? There are so many significant things to watch.

It’s technically feasible to observe everyone these in 1 weekend at Rome, but it frankly would be quite time-consuming!

I am only here in order to go over a couple of things that I believe are absolutely crucial and incredibly fun!

Have you been flying to Rome for the weekend?

Additionally, there are a couple of bus companies which can take you to the city center for approximately 10 euro, or you’ll be able to cover 14 euro for your train to Termini Station. I recommend reserving a vehicle hire for transportation if you are traveling with a couple of friends. The very last time I flew into Rome I utilized this ceremony and loved it. It is a luxury service at a reasonable price. Pickup can be hired by you from the airport for just like 55-65 Euro determined by where you’re situated in the town. It useful since acquiring from a train station for your location can be pricey in case you have a lot of luggage.

Having recently seen with Rome I truly did re-discover my passion with this town. It is such an exceptional destination, and now that I really wish I had more hours compared to the 2.5 times I’d. That is really what motivated me to write this post because a weekend in Rome is all individuals! There are a lot of more things to do in Rome, areas in Italy to keep your journeys, and epic day-trips to shoot, however, I hope you’ve found this guide useful!